viQtor - a new 24-hour monitoring tool Activiteitenmonitoring Hartslag Zuurstofsaturatie Valdetectie Huidtemperatuur Locatiebepaling

viQtor - a new 24-hour monitoring tool

smartQare introduces viQtor: a unique multisensor solution for 24/7 remote patient monitoring.

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viQtor: a solution for you?

24-hour monitoring is relevant for healthcare professionals and for people in a vulnerable phase of their life. We are happy to tell you what wearing this aid can mean.

For patients with care at home For patients with a chronic condition Perioperative care For patients with (long) COVID

Get to know viQtor


A trend can sometimes say more than the outcome of a single measurement.

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A striking value is signaled and gives an alert in the dashboard.

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PPG sensor technology

PPG measures the changes in blood volume in the veins with different types of LED light.

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Direct Connectivity

All measured (clinical) data is sent directly and securely from viQtor to the platform.

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CE Certification

viQtor has received a CE certification class IIa.

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Data protection

Your data is well protected according to GDPR legislation.

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European support for further development viQtor!

19 June 2023

We are proud to announce that smartQare has been awarded a new R&D grant: Pressure, a 3-year (partly European) grant under the OpZuid (EFRO) programme.

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Introducing: Jan-Hein Auf dem Brinke, our new CFO

18 June 2023

Our new CFO Jan-Hein Auf dem Brinke has a background as a chartered accountant at KPMG. There, he served a variety of clients in the financial sector including banks, investment companies and insurers. After KPMG, he held various management positions at banks and start-ups. Most recently, he served as CFO of GoFlow Technology, a start-up in ventilation technology, where, among other things, he was heavily involved in securing financing. Meet Jan-Hein Auf dem Brinke.

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Towards information security certification

11 May 2023

Information security is of paramount importance to smartQare. We want to be sure that all data within our company cannot fall into the wrong hands. Laura Pomstra, together with our security officer, is now working on obtaining NEN7510 and ISO27001 certification for information security in healthcare.

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24-hour monitoring

smartQare presents viQtor, a unique multi-sensor solution for 24-hour monitoring. viQtor works everywhere, completely autonomously and offers continuous access to patient data. This offers several advantages for:

  • Patients and user
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Healthcare organizations

Living labs

To further develop viQtor, smartQare is setting up so-called Living Labs at a selected number of healthcare organizations. Care professionals and patients can become acquainted with our innovative technology in studies and pilot projects. In this way we jointly experience how viQtor works and what 24-hour monitoring can mean for healthcare. The Living Labs also offer plenty of room for new ideas, which are then developed and tested in co-creation.

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