The choice between constantly interrupting my day for medical checkups or just living my life and feeling safe? That’s an easy trade off.

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24/7 health monitoring

Because you would like to continue living in your own home. Because you strive to remain independent. Because you want to keep doing all the things that make life so worth living. Even when you are vulnerable, for example before or after surgery. That's why you have viQtor. viQtor ensures that your heart rate, oxygen uptake and temperature are continuously monitored. Because that same solution has a fall detection and location determination and a help button. And because there will be help for you when you need it. That’s why you have viQtor.

viQtor is a state-of-the-art medical device that you wear on the upper arm. This 24/7 monitoring solution ensures that a number of vital functions of your body are continuously measured. This allows doctors and caregivers to remotely see how you are doing and intervene in time when necessary.

It may take some getting used to being controlled like that. But it's also a comforting thought. Because that way you can enjoy life without worry and do what you want to do. That's why we say: choose viQtor and keep on rocking!


The next step: focus on clinical validation

25 October 2022

Now that our viQtor has the CE mark, we are building the next step: conducting applied clinical studies in medical practice. This proves the added value of our solution for 24-hour monitoring compared to the current clinical standard. Jeroen Kortsmit is responsible for this process. As Clinical Science Manager, he focuses on setting up the clinical validation strategy.

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Quality management system at the heart of medical marking

24 August 2022

Souraya Verhaegen is our QA/RA manager and responsible for the quality control and regulation of our viQtor solution. Together with our users, she has the most important voice in our organization, because if Souraya rejects an idea, the plan will not go ahead. That is how important the quality system is in the development of a medical application.

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Introducing: Cecile Goldman, our new CEO

21 July 2022

Our new CEO Cecile Goldman has enjoyed a career in various management positions at hospitals and healthcare facilities. She has now taken over from Walter and will further expand smartQare in the scale-up phase. Meet Cecile Goldman, a passionate leader with a heart for care.

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31 October 2022

USA here we come...

Since 1967, CES Las Vegas has become the global stage for innovation. Every year, more than 180,000 participants from more than 160 countries gather here. Technological innovations, both for B2C and B2B, are showcased at CES to potential customers, partners, investors and global media.

19 October 2022

smartQare App is now available in the App Store

viQtor has been developed as a complete solution for 24/7 monitoring: a wearable for the upper arm, a web platform with dashboards and an app.

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