Financing round of €3 million completed

We have successfully completed a €3 million funding round for the medical validation and certification of our unique 24/7 (home) monitoring & diagnostics solution, viQtor.

Continuous measurements

Since our foundation in 2017, we have developed a smart solution for monitoring and preventive care, viQtor. This allows patients to be followed in their home environment, in healthcare institutions and in hospitals/clinics. The main features of viQtor are continuous measurements using smart optical sensor technology of vital values such as heart rate and oxygen saturation (SpO2). Combined with skin temperature measurement, fall detection, activity measurement, location determination via GNSS (Galileo and GPS) and self-learning software, viQtor aims to become the innovative finger on the pulse.

Care future-proof

viQtor is comfortable to wear on the upper arm, is rechargeable and easy to use. A variety of easy-to-use web and mobile app interfaces provide dashboarding, response, and intervention, as well as monitoring for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients. The integrated solution promises to improve care for the elderly and other people in need of care and make it more future-proof.

Transition to scale-up

We are in the transition phase from startup to scale-up. MDR CE marking as a medical class IIb device is expected in the second quarter. At that time, we will start a series-A funding round to facilitate the financing of the scale-up phase.

Medical Decision Network

At smartQare we are on the eve of medical CE marking, making data from our 24/7 monitoring solution usable for medical professionals. The combination of medical device, platform and connectivity makes smartQare a Medical Decision Network, with which patients can be monitored remotely. Patients who are rehabilitating at home and the elderly who live independently can thus be monitored more closely, which will reduce the pressure on care. Initially, values of oxygen saturation, heart rate, skin temperature, movement, fall detection and location determination via Galileo/GPS are transmitted via Vodafone's network (NB-IoT / LTE Cat-M1). This information helps medical professionals make decisions and take action.

Stay informed

After medical certification, our network care is ready for use in healthcare. Want to stay up to date on our latest steps to market launch? Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on our smartQare LinkedIn page.