Introducing: Jan-Hein Auf dem Brinke, our new CFO

Healthcare offers plenty of opportunities for Med Tech companies like smartQare

Jan-Hein Auf dem Brinke, CFO smartQare

Our new CFO Jan-Hein Auf dem Brinke has a background as a chartered accountant at KPMG. There, he served a variety of clients in the financial sector including banks, investment companies and insurers. After KPMG, he held various management positions at banks and start-ups. Most recently, he served as CFO of GoFlow Technology, a start-up in ventilation technology, where, among other things, he was heavily involved in securing financing. Meet Jan-Hein Auf dem Brinke.

Jan-Hein: "A lot has to change in our healthcare system to guarantee good and affordable care in the future. I chose smartQare because I am convinced that smart technology is needed to bring about that change. smartQare has a wonderful solution with viQtor that allows patients to be monitored remotely 24/7. With viQtor, people can live longer at home or go home earlier after surgery. The employees, partners and shareholders of smartQare are enormously driven to contribute to the future of our healthcare system with viQtor."

About smartQare

smartQare is a young company with passionate professionals who share a common mission: to contribute with smart solutions to a world with good care, where and when it is needed. A world where care is accessible and affordable, and attractive to work in. A world in which people can retain as much autonomy as possible and for as long as possible, so they can continue to do what really matters to them.

Our conviction

The current challenges of our healthcare system are obvious, and we are all aware of the accelerating numbers and growing gap between "supply and demand".

Medical technology must provide a solution to this for the future. Since (patient) data is the basis for decision-making by professionals in the healthcare system, having patient data available at the right time in the right place is essential for delivering the best appropriate care.
Our vision was not to develop a piece of the puzzle, but to develop all the key components to unlock new ways of 'connected care'. We created a 'digital health' solution, called viQtor, suitable for care in a hospital or healthcare organisation and at home.


We work closely with partners to develop viQtor. We have carefully selected these partners to ensure the quality and safety of our solution.

Demcon is our partner for the development and production of the device.

Thaumatec and S3 are our partners for software development, on the device and for the portal and dashboards and apps.

Together with healthcare organisations, we identify the needs of users and healthcare professionals, on the basis of which we continuously develop viQtor.

About viQtor

viQtor is a unique solution for 24-hour monitoring. viQtor consists of a wearable, a device that is worn on the upper arm with a bracelet, combined with a platform and dashboards. viQtor is designed to maximise its contribution to the care of various target groups. A combination of different functions and features makes viQtor unique.

viQtor measures the wearer's heart rate, oxygen saturation, skin temperature and activity. To do so, the system uses photoplethysmography (PPG), a technology that uses light (LED) sensors.

The measurements are taken automatically. The wearer feels nothing. Every minute, the average for each measurement is calculated and every five minutes the measurements are transmitted to our platform. The viQtor web dashboard displays all these measurements. This creates timelines of all measurements in a row and enables trend analysis. As soon as a striking or anomalous value is detected, an alert (notification) arrives in the dashboard. Also, when the wearer presses the help button, the system issues an alert and a caregiver can take the appropriate action.

Stay informed

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