Strategic partnership with Philips

Today at CES2024 smartQare announced the intent to enter into a strategic partnership with Philips and acquire the Healthdot business from Philips.

In the presence of HRH Prince Constan(jn van Oranje, Special Envoy to, Sachin Chaudhari (Vice President Philips) and Walter van Kuijen (CEO smartQare) signed an agreement to finalize the partnership and transac(on, pending approvals, in the current quarter.

smartQare will merge the viQtor and Healthdot RPM (remote patient monitoring) portfolios into a single digital solution and platform, serving an increasing range of clinical use cases.

smartQare will work with the global Philips team on offering the integrated smartQare RPM solution to healthcare providers and patients around the world.

This announcement marks both a recognition of smartQare’s unique vision and solutions, as well as a turning point for smartQare. Moving from a vision to innovate the worlds easiest to use RPM solution, responding to relevant clinical and non-clinical signals, to being able to predict adverse outcomes and early interventions.

smartQare’s viQtor and Philips’ Healthdot are smart wearable sensors integrated with clinical RPM platforms. The solutions unlock relevant clinical and non-clinical data to care providers through secure mobile data network connections (4G/5G) and uniquely designed IT data systems and AI-powered algorithms. The solutions are proven in a wide range of clinical applications, both in-hospital, at home and in other (assisted) care facilities.

Combining these leading sensors and platforms address growing challenges to healthcare systems around the world, dealing with an increasing demand for care as a result of an ageing population. Our healthcare systems are unable to deal with this demand and will become unsustainable because of staff shortages and increasing costs. Innovations like RPM are widely recognized and accepted as effective solutions to help address these challenges. Furthermore, RPM solutions contribute to reducing workload, foster increased job satisfaction among healthcare professionals, and empower patients in their healthcare journey.

At smartQare we are commieed to unlocking the power of innovation to ensure future accessibility and affordability of healthcare systems around the globe.

smartQare and Philips expect to finalize the partnership and transaction in the next few weeks and expect closing in the first quarter of 2024.

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