The next step: focus on clinical validation

25 October 2022

We want to solidly substantiate all our claims

Jeroen Kortsmit, PhD, Clinical Science Manager

Now that our viQtor has the CE mark, we are building the next step: conducting applied clinical studies in medical practice. This proves the added value of our solution for 24-hour monitoring compared to the current clinical standard. Jeroen Kortsmit is responsible for this process. As Clinical Science Manager, he focuses on setting up the clinical validation strategy.

“With viQtor we continuously measure the heart rate, oxygen saturation, skin temperature, activity and fall detection of patients. In addition, viQtor has a help button; upon activation, a location determination is performed. This set of parameters makes the solution extremely suitable for monitoring the elderly. But patients with COPD and COVID also benefit from continuous measurement of oxygen saturation, heart rate and activity in particular. And what about patients with heart failure and epilepsy: we also expect to be able to identify a change in vital functions at an early stage in these groups. This means that as a healthcare provider you can intervene more quickly, so that the health condition of people deteriorates less quickly.”

Real innovation

“There are several home monitoring devices on the market, but they are still used to a limited extent in clinical practice. However, the pressure on healthcare, and in particular the availability of professionals, is increasing. That is why this is the moment for the wider application of technology in healthcare. viQtor will support and improve care and at the same time relieve care professionals. In order to convince future users to adapt their working method, we want to demonstrate as concretely as possible what the exact added value of viQtor is for them. In it we will substantiate for which patient groups viQtor has a major clinical benefit and in what form. This underpinning will help drive adoption of the technology. It is my job to set up and supervise the use cases and studies that form the foundation of this substantiation.”

First clinical studies

“The first studies have now started. We work together with leading doctors who are respected in their field. Clinical testing is sometimes a relatively long process: especially when we want to demonstrate that our solution leads to fewer complications and a faster and better recovery. Or that patients can go home earlier or can continue to live at home for longer instead of having to go to a care institution. These kinds of outcomes are good for the patient, because they increase the quality of life. But it is also a bonus for healthcare, because it makes it possible to work more efficiently.”

The right strategy

Jeroen has specialized in the marketing of medical technical products in his career. He graduated as a biomedical engineer from the TU in Eindhoven and did PhD research in the field of minimally invasive heart valve replacements. He then spent seven years at Philips Healthcare in Research, Clinical Affairs and Product Management within various businesses and ventures. In 2019 he started his own business as a clinical and marketing consultant. “Successfully bringing a medical product to the market and making it stand out from the competition by applying the right clinical strategy, that's my strength. The fact that I can now build on the clinical validation of viQtor for smartQare is a wonderful challenge for me. This role is perfect for me.”

Stay informed

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