Direct Connectivity

One of the most important functions of viQtor is the continuous measurement of vital values. These measurements only become valuable when they are available in (almost) real time in the dashboards. To achieve this, viQtor has a direct mobile connection to the cloud platform of our solution. All measured (clinical) data is sent directly and securely from viQtor to the platform.
This happens every 5 minutes, 24/7 and completely autonomously.

Unlike other solutions for continuous monitoring, no other (mobile) device or human intervention is required to transmit the measured data. No WiFi router or gateway is required, carrying the device is sufficient to make the measured data available.

viQtor uses LTE-M and NB-IoT for communication. These wireless communication techniques can send less data, but have a much greater range than normal mobile phones and also use extremely low energy. They are both part of 4G/5G standards.