viQtor measures the patient's heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, skin temperature and activity 24/7. To do this, the system uses photoplethysmography (PPG), a technology that uses light sensors.
The measurements are performed automatically. The wearer does not notice this technology. The average is calculated for each measurement every minute and the measurements are sent to our platform every five minutes. All these measurements are visualized in the viQtor dashboard. This creates timelines of all measurements in a row.

Trend lines

We call this progression of the measurements a trend or trendline. Such a trend line is very valuable for a doctor or nurse. The image of an oxygen saturation that slowly drops or a heart rate that increases slightly can sometimes say more than the outcome of a single measurement.

Insight into causes

The trend lines also show the exact moment at which, for example, a heart rate increases or decreases. It is relevant to see what happens to the other values at that time. We can also check what the situation of a client or patient was at that moment: do the changes occur during sleep? Or just after an activity? Or after taking medication? In this way, the treatment can be even better adapted to the specific situation of a patient.

Interruption of the trendline

Sometimes there are gaps in the trendline of readings. ViQtor's light sensor technology is sensitive to (too much) movement. That is also the reason why viQtor is worn on the upper arm, and not on the wrist, which is much more flexible.

A lot of movement makes the measurements less accurate. If the device finds a measurement not good enough, then this measurement is not included in the average of measurements. And if the average of the measurements is not accurate enough, it will not be sent. For example, it may happen that the trend line is interrupted for a while.

Fortunately, that's not a problem. Because there is a new measurement moment every minute, we have enough data to get a clear picture of how vital values are developing.

In addition to trends, viQtor also provides alerts.