Subjects wanted!

27 February 2024

We are excited to share some great news – smartQare is teaming up with Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) for a special study with viQtor* that's making big waves in the medical world. This collaboration is all about making sure viQtor's technology will be accurate and works for everyone!

In this study, we will check and confirm that viQtor's algorithm for measuring SpO2 (that's, blood oxygen levels) is accurate and doesn't show any bias based on skin color.

Why are we doing this?

Covid-19 showed some issues in clinical validation studies, namely the underrepresentation of people with very light or the darker skin types. Recognizing the importance of diversity in medical research made the FDA inclusion of data from individuals with all skin color types before approving new medical products. smartQare is determined to push the boundaries of inclusivity to ensure accurate, unbiased healthcare, accessible for every-one by ensuring that medical technology, like the viQtor, works for everyone.

* The viQtor measures several different vital functions, non-invasively and placed on the upper arm to redefine patient monitoring. With direct cloud connectivity, viQtor enables remote monitoring without any wires or other 3rd party gateway devices.

Participant category

We are looking for adult men and women ages 18 -70. We are looking for people with different skin types.

The study
First, we will determine if you are suitable to participate. To do this, we will ask you a number of questions, including your medical history. This will be followed by an examination and the skin type will be determined. If you prove suitable, you will come to our laboratory one day and we will test how precisely the saturation in the blood can be measured for different skin types. For this, the oxygen in the blood is lowered and checked with a blood measurement. This is then compared with a device placed around the upper arm. To lower the oxygen, you inhale air containing less oxygen this is done through a cap. You will stay with us for a whole day (8 hours).

Compensation and further information
Upon completion of the examination, you will receive a reimbursement of €240 and an allowance for your travel expenses. Please feel free to contact us at the email address below for further information.

Name of researcher
R. van der Schrier, Anesthesiologist

Interested too? Contact Rutger van der Schrier.