viQtor in Mobile Healthcare Innovation Café

Digitization makes future care possible

The pressure that Corona has put on healthcare has made it clear how fragile the sector is. One of the solutions to reduce the pressure is digital transformation. During the Mobile Healthcare Innovation Café, leading healthcare professionals gathered to discuss the future of eHealth. Our CEO Walter van Kuijen was also present and gave his view on the latest developments in which monitoring applications such as our medical wearable viQtor will play a significant role. Maarten van Rixtel of Sensire has already had good experiences with it.

Collaboration indispensable

On October 11, Mobile Healhcare organized an Innovation Café with the theme 'Smart care for tomorrow? Work together now!”. The panel of speakers consisted of healthcare professionals from various branches, including Diederik Gommers (Erasmus MC), Willeke Bakker (PwC), Jeroen Kemperman (Zilveren Kruis), Dianda Veldman (Patient Federation Netherlands), Niels Chavannes (LUMC), Leonard Witkamp ( Ksyos), Sven de Langen (Alderman Municipality of Rotterdam), Nico van Meeteren (Top Sector LSH), Maarten van Rixtel (Sensire), Michael Rutgers (Long Fund) and Walter van Kuijen (smartQare). Together they came to the conclusion that intensive cooperation is essential to make today's care possible in the future.

Organize care smarter

Research by Willeke Bakker (PWC) shows that doing nothing is not an option. Willeke: ‘By 2040, the number of over-75s will have doubled, while the working population will remain the same and the number of informal carers will be halved. This means that we have to organize healthcare differently and smarter. Covid has shown that this can be done differently, for example through digitization and by collaborating across domains.”

viQtor provides valuable information if the wearer cannot transmit information on their own, for example if they have fallen

- Maarten van Rixtel, Sensire

Monitor remotely

For the collaboration to run smoothly, access to data that is generated remotely is necessary. The LUMC is already working with 'De Box', a package of devices with which heart patients are monitored remotely. Sensire has started a test project with ten of our viQtors in a Living Lab to monitor the elderly so that they can continue to live independently for as long as possible.

Enthusiastic about viQtor

Maarten van Rixtel, Sensire's board of directors, about his experience with viQtor: 'We are enthusiastic about it, because we want to offer citizens safety. If we cannot do that, citizens will no longer be able and willing to stay at home and they will end up in care. Everyone wants to avoid that. We have only just started working on it, but we are already seeing that the device works intuitively and also provides valuable information if the wearer cannot send information on their own, for example if they have fallen.'

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CEO Walter van Kuijen smartQare

Our promotional film about viQtor was shown during the Innovation Café. Watch the video here that mainly demonstrates the operation of the alert function.

Start a Living Lab too

Would you also like to start a Living Lab with our viQtor in your organization? Contact us for an exploratory meeting at your location.