24/7 activity monitoring

With viQtor, our 24-hour monitoring solution, we also accurately visualize the movement behavior of the wearer. We do this with a combination of built-in gauges: a 3-axis accelerometer, a gyroscope and a barometer. Together they provide a great deal of information about the wearer's movement behaviour.

viQtor notifies you of changes in the activity pattern. Measures can then be taken in time.

  • Exercise lowers the risk of chronic diseases, bone fractures and dementia
  • Monitoring activities can help with treatment, prevention and maintenance of vitality
  • viQtor registers the level of activity and striking changes in daily living patterns
  • A measurement is performed every minute, the data is sent directly to our platform every 5 minutes

About viQtor

smartQare has developed viQtor, a unique multi-sensor solution for 24-hour remote monitoring and diagnostics of risk groups. A relevant and affordable tool that puts people first and helps healthcare professionals to organize the healthcare process around patients effectively and efficiently.

viQtor, our solution for 24-hour monitoring of:

Why do we measure activities?

Exercise is healthy for all age groups. Sufficient exercise improves endurance and provides more muscle strength. In adults and the elderly, exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depressive symptoms.

Exercise has even more benefits for the elderly: it reduces the risk of bone fractures and improves muscle strength and walking speed. Furthermore, a lot of exercise can reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer and premature death. The risk of physical limitations, cognitive decline and dementia can also be reduced if you exercise a lot.

By measuring exercise behavior, you can determine on an individual basis what support someone actually needs in his or her situation. Activity monitoring is also playing an increasingly important role in the treatment and prevention of certain diseases and thus in maintaining vitality.

viQtor provides insight into the lifestyle and follows the exercise behavior of people living alone with, for example, COPD, heart failure or lung COVID. Informal caregivers, professional care providers and case managers can use this to detect changes in the activity pattern. For example, if the wearer of viQtor wanders at night or shows too little activity during the day.

Activity monitoring via viQtor

viQtor, our 24-hour monitoring solution, is worn on the upper arm. viQtor records all activities. If there are noticeable changes in the daily living pattern, a notification will follow. Changes in the activity pattern can be indications of risky decline. Thanks to the notification, measures can be taken in time.
viQtor also measures other vital values, such as heart rate. Combining this data provides valuable insights. For example, an increased heart rate can be verified by looking at the wearer's activity. For example, if the heart rate is high for a longer period of time, but a lot of activity is also measured, then there is probably nothing wrong. But a high heart rate with little activity can be a signal that something is wrong. viQtor will then issue an alert. Contact can then be sought with the wearer and worse suffering can be prevented.

Monitor activities remotely

viQtor performs a measurement every minute. Every 5 minutes the new data is sent directly via Vodafone's secure NB-IoT/LTE Cat M1 network to our platform in the cloud. The measurements are analyzed on this platform and then stored securely and pseudonymised. The platform is linked to an online dashboard and an app. Healthcare professionals and informal caregivers can consult the information there.

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